CrimeView Community

Welcome to the High Point Police Department's community crime mapping web site.

The High Point Police Department is providing summary crime information to the public through this site. You will be able to request crime data by proximity to an address or known location, such as a school or park. You will then be able to produce maps and/or reports from this information.

The data is available for reported crime, by time period, and specific geographic boundary. Geographic boundaries include neighborhoods, council wards, zip codes and police beats. The crime types available include property (burglary, larceny, motor vehicle theft) and persons (robbery, assault) crime occurring in the city over the past year.

I understand that the information from this site is for informational purposes only, for the betterment of our community. I also understand that due to technical and geographic limitations the count and exact location of incidents shown may not be complete and omissions of information may occur. This information represents reports of crime only, not criminal convictions. By providing you this information, the High Point Police Department makes no representations or warranties of a particular location's safety. You cannot rely solely on this information when inferring the conditions of an area or making a housing decision.

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